RS-R TI2000 Down SUS Titanium Springs, Model 3
Tesla Model 3 lowered on RS-R TI2000 Down SUS Springs

RS-R TI2000 Down SUS Springs, Model 3

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Part#: TL001TD 
Compatibility: 2017+ Tesla Model 3 RWD 

Designed to provide the best combination of looks, feel, and performance, the Down springs were engineered with a 30 to 50% spring rate increase and efficient lowering stance. All this in combination is to achieve maximum maneuverability, surpassing stability in straight line driving and excellent cornering performance for the ultimate driving experience. 


Due to the new materials used in Ti2000 we have been able to make a highly durable suspension coil with a smaller diameter and less spring coils. Because of this it has become possible to reduce the weight by more than 2kg.


RS-R Ti2000's 2 part Epoxy coating has excellent resistance against corrosion & Chipping. It also provides great protection against color fade.

Approximate Drop:
Front: -25mm to -30mm (-1.0in to -1.2in)
Rear: -25mm to -30mm (-1.0in to -1.2in)

Spring Rates:
Front: 5.10kg/mm
Rear: 8.33kg/mm

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