KW V3 Tesla Model 3 Coilovers
Tesla Model 3 on KW V3 Coilovers
Tesla Model 3 KW V3 Compression Adjuster
Tesla Model 3 KW V3 Rebound Adjuster

KW Variant 3 Coilovers Tesla Model 3

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Tesla Model 3 Fitment
KW Variant 3: Race technology for the road, with independently adjustable compression and rebound dampening.
State of the art motorsport technology enables better performance on the street.
The exclusive KW patented system has dual level valves that allow for adjustment of the rebound dampening for your road comfort and the compression dampening that controls the driving dynamics.
Adjustment range: 25-50mm lowering


  • Independently adjustable damping technology -rebound and compression damping
  • Inox-line stainless steel technology at no extra charge
  • Individual height adjustment
  • German TUEV-tested adjustment parameters
  • High-quality components for long life
  • Comprehensive documentation for ease of use
  • Infinitely adjustable rebound damping
  • 14-level adjustable compression damping
  • Unique, independently functioning damping power adjustment