Unplugged Performance Sway Bars
Unplugged Performance Sway Bars

Unplugged Performance Sway Bars

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We are proud to offer Unplugged Performance Sway Bars for your Tesla Model 3. Sway Bars will enhance chassis control and provide better transitional response when driving your car.


  • Reduced body roll during cornering improves the driving experience and enhances driver confidence.
  • Less body roll means more consistent and improved tire adhesion (contact patch).
  • Harder polyurethane (PU) sway bar bushings improve sway response. The bushings deflect less and respond faster, so the roll control is immediate.
  • A sport-tuned sway bar upgrade improves chassis balance and generally reduces understeer or “push” in the front suspension.
  • Faster steering response and reduced body roll without sacrificing daily comfort or adjusting spring rates.
  • Can be enjoyed on a completely stock car, as is (also equally great on fully tuned track cars).
  • Firm settings are future-proof and optimized for cars with full slicks and track high downforce aero, soft/medium settings suitable for daily driven cars.