Liqui Moly Brake Anti Squeal Paste

Liqui Moly Brake Anti Squeal Paste

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Tesla specifies yearly lubrication of your braking system in cold climates and under extreme use. Don't just use the little packets from your local store, use something designed for extreme conditions. Liqui Moly 20240 brake lubricant is designed to work between -40 °C to +1200 °C, or -40 °F to 2192 °F.

Brake Anti-Squeal Paste has been specially developed from synthetic and ceramic materials which eliminate brake squeal arising between the brake piston contact surface and the brake lining.


  • good corrosion protection
  • easy to use
  • eliminates squeaks
  • resistant to road salt and splash water
  • extremely low friction
  • outstanding thermal stability
  • outstandingly adherent

Please note that can color can vary, but the paste will be the same.