Winter Wheel and Tire Packages (Model S)
Winter Wheel and Tire Packages (Model S)
Pirelli Sottozero 3
Vredestein Wintrac Pro
Winter Wheel and Tire Packages (Model S)

Winter Wheel and Tire Packages (Model S)

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Silentspeed is now offering Snow Tire and Wheel packages for your Tesla Model S! Featuring Pirelli, Continental, and Vredestein - drive safer this winter with these hand selected packages complete with TPMS and include all hardware to install to your Tesla.

We offer the following tires in 245/45R19: 

Pirelli Sottozero 3 -These offer excellent cold dry road handling, and are recommended for locations with light to moderate snow or drivers who still want their car to feel particularly sporty during winter. 

Continental VikingContact 7 - These tires are Silentspeed's recommended choice for those detailing with frequent snowfalls and slush conditions.

Vredestein Wintrac Pro - A recent up and comer for winter tires, this is our recommended economy option for cost conscious customers who still want a high quality tire good in most winter conditions.

We recommend 19" wheels for maximum sidewall and range for winter conditions. Rial Lugano and Sport Edition WX9 are available for either an OEM or a sportier appearance.

Note that for security reasons these need to be shipped to approved installers only. We have partnered with Firestone stores to allow us to deliver to your nearest Firestone location. They will offer low cost installation as well.

Wheel and tire packages include TPMS sensors.