Model 3 Traction Control Defeat

Tesla’s Traction Control system is excellent – unlike ICE cars there are no delays in power delivery, so the computers can cut and reengage power quickly and seamlessly. However, it can be too aggressive for spirited driving – when you get any slip angle the traction control would kick in and prevent you from adding power. This can come up when autocrossing, going on track, or when driving on snowy surfaces. This can especially come up if you've modified your car to increase limits with coilovers, swaybars, or wider wheels with grippy tires.

Unfortunately, if you did not have a Model 3 Performance there has been no way to turn off or modify traction control, until now. Tesla has released the steps needed to enter ‘Dyno Mode,’ which allows you to turn off traction control.

WARNING: This is intended for off-road use only. These cars have a lot of torque and can be difficult to control without traction control. Deactivate at your own risk (video by SparqEV)! 

Here are the steps on how to turn it off:

Hold the left turn signal down

    Press and hold the Tesla logo on the screen until a circle appears. Release the Tesla logo but continue to hold the turn signal.

      Type “dynotest” without the quotes

      Hit OK

      Voila! Now have fun and be safe!