How To: Rinseless Wash

We've gotten some questions on how to use a Rinseless Wash like our Optimum No Rinse (ONR) Starter Pack, so we have written a how-to:

Note: If your car looks like you just went off-roading with caked on mud, go to a spray wash first.

The Process

Step 1: Get 2 clean tall 3-5 gallon buckets. Any clean bucket will work.

Step 2: To one bucket, add 1 oz ONR per 2 gallons of water. If your car is severely soiled, instead add 1 oz per gallon.

Step 3: Fill both buckets with 2.5-4 gallons of water. The bucket with solution will be your wash bucket, the bucket with just water will be your rinse bucket.

Note: If the car is very dirty also fill your sprayer at a ratio of 1oz ONR to 32oz water. If your car is only slightly dirty no need for this step.

Step 4: Soak one microfiber towel in the wash bucket – this will be your wash media. Keep the other towels clean and off the floor – these will be your drying towels.

Step 5: Fold your wash towel in half twice.

Step 6: Starting from the top, wash one panel of your car at a time (per the Suggested Wash Order below).

Note: If the car is very dirty, spray the panel you’re working on first.

Step 6a: Use the folded wash towel, light pressure, and wipe in the direction of the body lines. It’s okay to wipe a little outside the panel. Rinse your towel in the rinse bucket, wring it out and put it back in the wash bucket.

Step 6b: If the panel is still dirty, repeat step 6a until panel is clean.

Step 7: Dry the panel with one of your drying towels. Be sure to use very light pressure. If you see streaks of liquid or your towel is getting saturated with wash solution, use a 2nd towel to dry the rest.

Step 8: Turn to a clean section of your towel, dip it into the wash bucket, and repeat steps 6 – 7 for each panel until all panels are clean. If no clean section is left on the towel switch to a new one.


Suggested Wash Order:


Side Glass


Hood and top of bumper

Trunk Lid on Sedans

Vertical Panels (doors/fenders, but only upper sections as they are usually cleaner)

Front Bumper/Grille/Headlights (if not covered in bugs. If covered in bugs do this last.)

Rear Vertical Panels/Liftgate

Lower vertical panels (doors/fenders)

Rear Bumper

Wheels and Tires (you will want to use your lower quality towels for this section as this is this dirtiest part of the car)


After Wash:

ONR is fully biodegradable and uses much less water than traditional wash methods. As long as there are no local regulations prohibiting it, you can dump the wash liquid down the drain without worry.

Throw your towels in the wash by themselves, using Woolite or some other unscented wash without additives. Do not use fabric softener as that will change the properties of the material and make them unable to dry effectively.


If you have any questions feel free to contact us, we’re happy to help!