Vorsteiner V-FF 107
Vorsteiner V-FF 107
Vorsteiner V-FF 107

Vorsteiner Flow V-FF 107

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Wheel Model: V-FF 107

Fitment: Tesla Model 3

Vorsteiner brings cutting Lightweight Flow Forged Alloy Technology that brings quality performance wheels with an exceptional strength to weight ratio. 

Vorsteiner Flow Forged Technology is on average 25% lighter compared to conventional cast wheels, yet is substantially stronger. This results from using stronger materials and careful pocketing of the wheels in areas that are not load-bearing. On this application the weight is 26 lbs for the 9" wide wheels and 32 lbs for the 10.5" wide wheels.

These wheels feature easy installation, all factory components including upgraded brakes, TPMS sensors and lug bolts can be reused for a plug & play application. No spacers, hub-centric rings or aftermarket lugs are required.

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